Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Could you live on $100 a year?

I was reading an article about mission outreach of The Advance concerning a missionary in China by Diane Allen. It talked about illegal blood collecting dealers that targeted impoverished farmers that earn less than $100 per year. I can not fathom living on $100 a year.

This prompted me to track my spending over a few days last week to see where I spend my money and how much.

Lunch - $6.73
Vending Machine - $1.25
Fuel - $36.00
Total: $43.98

Breakfast - $3.83
Vending Machine - $1.25
Misc. items from Wal-Mart: $29.84
Starbucks - $4.68
Total: $39.60

Vending Machine - $1.25
Groceries - $24.59
Total: 25.84

In three days, I had spent $109.42. In three days, I had spent more than some farmers make in a year in China. This amazes me. Could I live on $100 a year? Absolutely not. Could I live on $100 a month? Again, I couldn’t. What about $100 a week ($5,200)? I don’t think I could.

Then how can we turn a blind eye to the impoverished in China? The Amity Foundation (TAF) hasn’t. This Advance based mission is making Christian presence more widely known to the Chinese people through programs of health care, education, blindness prevention, integrated rural development, advocacy, emergency relief and rehabilitation partnership with local communities.

Could you live on $100 a year? What about $100 a month? Or even $100 a week?
Think of how much God has blessed you – and I hope you feel led as I was to give back to those who truly need it.

--Tracy Wood, Web Coordinator, Connectional Giving Team, United Methodist Communications

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