Thursday, October 2, 2008


As I was reflecting on what to write this blog entry (and I promise they will be more frequent), I continued to think about motivation. What motivates people to give? And I don't just mean money, but also time, talents and possessions.

What motivates people to give? Is it for the tax benefit? Is it for positive publicity? Is it because people inherently want to give back? Is it to emulate a good example to others? Is it a conviction of duty? Is it expected?

So, then I reflected on myself. What motivates me to give?

I consistently think the same thing: I give because I never know when I might be the one in need.

For example, I donated to Light the Night because God forbid one of my children should be diagnosed with leukemia or lymphoma.

I give to my church because I'm financially able to and there may come a day where I need to rely on others generosity for food or clothing.

I consistently give to Goodwill because I want to give others a job and there may come a time when I may rely on Goodwill for clothing.

I give my time and talent to the handbell choir at church so that others can hear God's love through beautiful music.

I offer possessions on my local Freecycle group because it's not important to resell everything for a profit - if I'm able to give it away for free to someone who needs it, then I'm helping others.

I give money to V-Day because I believe that we have to stop violence against women.

And I give to Nothing But Nets because global health is every one's responsibility. I can skip two Frapuccino's and give a bed net to a family in Africa.

No matter what the motivation, giving is a good thing. Giving money, time, talents and possessions makes this world a better place. But most importantly, "its better to give than to receive." And that's the truth. I LOVE seeing someones face when they open a gift or know that someone has changed their lives. (And it's even more amazing when you can do it anonymously!)

So, what motivates you to give?

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