Friday, December 12, 2008

Do we really need another "thing"?

How many boxes of chocolate covered cherries will be bought this year for Christmas?

What about another coffee mug or tie tack?

Do you ever find yourself buying things for people because you can’t think of anything else?

What about making a donation to a worthwhile cause in their name? This saves the recipient yet another mug to clutter up their cabinet and it allows the giver to do something to better the world. That is exactly what a family in Temple, Texas did. Instead of buying presents for one another, they put that money toward a charity.

Imagine the number of bed nets that is eradicating malaria that could be bought. Or imagine the number of scholarships that could be awarded through the United Methodist Student Day Offering.

This year, rethink church and rethink giving. Think more about the impact of your gift rather than the material value. Personally, I don’t need yet another pair of fuzzy slippers. I’d rather my family purchase a bed net.

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