Monday, December 21, 2009

His Name Shall Be Called Wonderful

Wonderful savior! We worship before You,
Jehovah Almighty-Eternal “I Am!”
This we confess, while our hearts still adore you.
As, washed in Your blood, we cry, “Worthy the Lamb.”

Wonderful Jesus! The babe in the manger;
Though born of the virgin, Your nature all clean:
Thine was the Kingdom, yet counted a stranger,
Your welcome how cold, and Your lodging how mean!

Wonderful Person! The Son of the Father;
Known only to Him can this mystery be:
We may not fathom its meaning: but rather
Our faces we veil as we think upon Thee!

Wonderful too, in Your manifestation:
Revealing the Father, declaring His name
Who but Yourself to procure our salvation
God’s justice could meet, and His love could proclaim?

Wonderful price of Eternal Redemption;
Oh! Marvelous work with which none can compare!
The blood that has bought our exemption
From judgment, which else we forever must bear.

Wonderful object of Worship in heaven:
Unspeakable gift from the heart of our God!
Countless the blessings with You which are given
To sinners made nigh to Himself by Your blood.

Wonderful Savior! We love to adore Thee;
And blessed the hope that ere long You will come:
Then shall we see all Your beauty and glory,
And praise You up there in Your wonderful home!
--Author Unknown

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God is still in Control!!

Miss Lladale Carey
Web Producer
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