Monday, February 18, 2013

Growing in Generosity with Children: A Quart of Coins

We keep a quart jar in a prominent place in our bedroom and put our loose change into it on a regular basis.  When it’s almost full we take it to the bank and are surprised to discover there’s about $100 that has magically accumulated!  

It’s also amazing to me that for just over $100 per member/year we are able to fund the worldwide mission and ministry of the entire United Methodist Church!  We may have loose coin offerings for a number of very worthy ministries in our churches throughout the year, but what are we teaching our children if we don’t meet our primary commitment to the ministry, done in our name here in Wisconsin and throughout the world, through our apportionments?

I invite you to start now – at the beginning of the year – to find a way to fund your share of the church’s apportionments.  Maybe you can write a check for the full amount upfront.   Or you may be like many folks who are struggling to make ends meet and the most you can give are a few coins each week.   Start now and when that jar is full, you’ll be amazed at how much you’ve saved! 

If you don’t have children or grandchildren at home, invite a child or two from your church to help you count it.   And, if you wish, involve those children in giving the gift the following Sunday in a special envelope marked for apportionments.    For many wonderful stories of how these gifts are used for the ministry of Christ and the glory of God, go to   For more resources to help you and yours meet your financial goals this year visit:

-- by Rev. Jean Ehnert Nicholas, WI Ann Conf

God Is Still In Control!

Miss Lladale Carey
Web Content Producer

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