Thursday, January 8, 2009

"You Don't Know Me"

In an effort to be more mellow and in touch with feelings, I was listening to The Best of Ray Charles and one song popped out at me. While I understand it’s supposed to be a love ballad, I couldn’t help but hear the lyrics, “you don’t know me,” and thinking, that’s right, I may not know you, but I want to help you.

This past Christmas, many times I put money in the bucket for the Salvation Army. I don’t know the recipients, but I still want to help.

I may never meet a World Communion Scholar. Sure, I could say, “I don’t know you” and therefore not give. However, my heart says even though you don’t know them, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give.It is my hope that in 2009, even though “you don’t know me,” you will still give to worthy causes that truly make a difference in people’s lives – such as the Special Sundays, The Advance, or Heifer International.

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