Thursday, February 5, 2009

I'll sacrifice my asparagus...

What does giving mean to you? Does it mean obligingly putting money in the offering plate each Sunday? Does it mean reluctantly giving a dollar to the homeless man? Does it mean volunteering to help on a mission trip? Does it mean giving your coat to the woman shivering on the street?

The other day, I was watching a movie with my daughter. In this movie, two very poor sisters just experienced devastation to their family business and home. All they had was their clothes, blankets, jam and bread. They go in search of more and as they are, the pass an elderly lady who looked hungry and tired. Even though the sisters were just as hungry, one of them offered up her sandwich of bread and jam to the elderly lady.

Sure, it was just a movie, but that, to me, is a type of giving. Jesus teaches us that our love for those in need shows our identity as children of the generous Creator (1 John 3:16-18). The elderly lady was in need and the sister reached out to her and sacrificed her lunch so that the woman could be nourished. Sacrificial giving nourishes our Christian soul and spirit. It brings us closer to God and shows our devotion and gratitude to God's will.

I discussed the movie with my daughter afterwards and explained how their giving is how we strive to be. Of course, then she offered to “sacrifice” her asparagus for her sister’s nourishment. I don’t think so my child!

~ Tracy Wood, Web Coordinator, Strategic Marketing and Research Team, United Methodist Communications. A "not so new" mom of 2 adorable and well nourished girls.

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PastorSteve58 said...

It is an art form to teach giving to others. I hope to pass my learnings about giving to my well nourished daughters as well, it is surely not easy in today's society and especially when people are afraid of losing their jobs