Wednesday, July 8, 2009

“I have a passion for people. My pharmacy practice will be an opportunity for me to serve, share my faith with others and lead by example to improve the spiritual and physical well-being of my patients” says Todd Sega. Grateful for your generous gifts to the United Methodist Student Day offering, Todd thinks frequently about the importance of faith in his life. “When I left for school, thinking about my church family and the scholarship I received, I felt fully embraced and supported by The United Methodist Church. As a result, I am motivated to achieve my personal best.”

Like many things, college costs continue to rise. Thanks to United Methodist Student Day, people in your annual conference – perhaps even members of your family—have a chance to attain a higher education. Students attending United Methodist and other accredited colleges and universities receive scholarships and loans.

Please give so young people like Todd can receive a higher education and make a difference in our world today and tomorrow. You can give online to the United Methodist Student Day Sunday offering at any time by clicking here.

Lladale Carey
Web Coordinator
United Methodsit Communications

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