Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Urgent Need for Scholarship Donations

United Methodist scholarship and loan applicants are being turned away because of limited education funds. There is an urgent need for donations to United Methodist Student Day. The student you help may be one of your own. Your church will receive credit for donations made online at

Limited education funds are another sign of the hard times many inside and outside of The United Methodist church are facing. You may know of a student in your congregation who is struggling to go to college. We’re asking you to make your congregation aware of the economic challenges facing many deserving United Methodist students.

The time for giving is now. While the suggested date for United Methodist Student Day is November 29, you can celebrate and receive an offering for this ministry at any time. Please inform your congregation of the important role it plays in making educational dreams come true for promising United Methodist students and encourage them to “put a little extra” in the offering plate or envelope. Remind them that each year funds are returned to annual conferences for merit scholarship awards to students of their choosing.

For help promoting United Methodist Student Day, click here.

Give now so students can go to college!

Lladale Carey
Web Coordinator
United Methodsit Communications

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