Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Matter Of The Heart

"Egypt, Judah, Edom, the Ammonites, Moab, and all
those with shaven temples who live in the desert.
For all these nations are uncircumcised,
and all of the house of Israel is uncircumcised in heart."

--A reflection based on Jeremiah 9:26
God cares about our hearts because God needs our hearts to reach the hearts of others with the Good News of Jesus. This is the essence of our faith. In the time of Jeremiah the hearts of the Jewish people had become cluttered with things that are not of God. To circumcise the heart was to cut away all those things which separated them from God.

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--adapted from Bishop Wills' Life Journal Entry for 8/10/09
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God is still in control

Miss Lladale Carey
Web Producer

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