Monday, May 10, 2010

Former Wisconsin Governor, Lee Dreyfus, is pictured here next to his 7-foot-tall monument, carved in the shape of Wisconsin. The simple epitaph etched into the red granite stone is, “Tithe Your Time.” Dreyfus died on January 2, 2008. He was raised with the expectation of public service. In 1980 he said, “You gave time to the church, you gave time to the needs of the public. It was absolutely taught by my mother and father that you give, and if you had more capability, you were obligated to give more.”

Many people ask how they might give in times like these when the giving gets tough. Some ideas for “tithing your time” include:
  • Offering the professional skills you’ve accumulated. If you’re an accountant, offer to help with the books or the annual audit.
  • Offer to help in the areas of your interests. If you’re a scrap booking junkie, offer to help with bulletin boards.
  • Offer to learn a new skill or try a new activity. If it’s been years since you helped in the nursery or with Vacation Bible School, try it again this year.
  • Put on your walking shoes and get pledges for the CROP walk or any other philanthropic walk/run in your area.

For more year-round stewardship ideas, feel free to contact us at:

Wisconsin United Methodist Foundation, 750 Windsor Street Ste 305, P.O. Box 620, Sun Prairie, WI 53590-0620, 1-888-903-9863 or

--adapted from WI Annual Conference newsletter

God Is Still In Control!

Miss Lladale Carey
Web Producer
United Methodist Communications

To Learn how you can be good stewards in the United Methodsit Church, click here.

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