Monday, October 4, 2010

Planning Your Estate Is a Spiritual Act

We are all called to be “followers of Christ and stewards of the mysteries of God” (1 Cor. 4:1). You’ve strived to live as a Christian disciple and steward. You’ve used the time, talents, and treasures that God has entrusted to you to help to reveal God’s Kingdom on earth.

As you make financial and estate plans, you can continue to faithfully follow Christ and steward God’s mysteries. Indeed, you can look at planning your estate as a spiritual act – as a time to prayerfully consider how your material gifts should be used (now and after your death) so that they continue to reflect your faith. As you begin to plan your estate, you may wish to use the following steps:

(1) Reflect on the people God has placed in your life. Make a list of family, special friends, and others who have been a blessing to you. Thank God for them!

(2) Reflect upon the organizations God has placed in your life. Make a list of the churches and other organizations that have contributed to a better life for you and others. Thank God for them!

(3) Reflect upon the material gifts that God has entrusted to you. Make a list of the things you own: real estate, stocks and other securities, life insurance, retirement assets, as well as other cherished items. Thank God for them!

(4) Consider the ways in which you would like to match the people and organizations in your life with these material gifts. Who might need continued care? Who might appreciate items of great sentimental value? How might your chosen organizations and ministries use the gifts from your estate to perpetuate your values and hopes?

(5) Consider the people you should consult on the above items. List family members, your pastor, staff of charitable organizations, your financial advisor, and/or your attorney. Discuss with them your desires and intentions. Make sure that your estate plans meet your financial needs while they reflect your spiritual values.
God Bless Your Discernments

--from the Pacific NW AC
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Miss Lladale Carey
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