Monday, October 25, 2010

“‘When the Roll Is Called Up Yonder’
My affairs will be in order”

“George was only 47 on the afternoon he carefully pulled his car off the road, dialed home on his cell phone, and died before initiating the call. It was a severe heart attack. When I, George’s family pastor, sat down with his loved-ones that afternoon, I heard an all-too familiar story. George had never said a word to anyone about his wishes after death. No thoughts of a funeral or financial information of any kind. They had no idea where to start.”
– Rev. Dr. Thomas J. Gallen, family pastor

Helping to Prepare Our Loved-Ones

Certainly, most of us cannot anticipate our deaths. But, we certainly can and should share important end-of-life wishes and financial information with our loved-ones. The fact of the matter is that when we don’t do so, upon our deaths we risk throwing our loved-ones into chaos – when they really need comfort. The Information Checklist on the back of this insert can help you start putting your wishes – including supporting those church ministries that matter most to you – and resources in order. Those who love you will be very grateful when you do.

Information Checklist
To help my loved-ones prepare for my death

· Date and place of birth
· Birth certificate location, number and locale of filing
· Social Security Number or Citizenship papers, and location
· Parents’ names, dates and places of birth, death, and burial
· Passport number, issue date, and location
· Marriage/divorce papers and location
· Names, addresses, and birthdates of children
· Primary care physician’s name and address
· Durable power of attorney for health considerations, and location

· Funeral or memorial service, including any prepaid arrangements
· Church or funeral home
· Cremation or burial
· The service: people to participate; my favorite Scripture and/or other readings; my favorite hymns, songs, and/or other music
· Names and contact information of persons to notify
· Designations for memorial giving, including designee’s address

· Attorney, accountant, and insurance agent contact information
· LOCATION OF WILL and personal representative(s) named therein
· Accident and life insurance policies and carriers
· Pension plans, IRA contracts, or other plans “of value”
· Investment portfolio(s) and broker(s); annuities, CDs, savings bonds, and other cash instruments locations
· Employer benefits coordinator and contact information
· Military service number (if any), discharge date, and benefits
· Location of state and federal income tax filings
· Bank accounts and safe deposit box keys and location; safe combinations; location of vehicle and property titles, property deeds, and mortgage/loan documents; other items of value (e.g., jewelry and artwork), location and disposition
· Trusts and estates created by my will

--adapted from bulletin insert by Dr. Gallen,
Exec. Dir. of Preachers Aid Society

God Is Still In Control!
Miss Lladale Carey
Web Producer

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