Wednesday, December 8, 2010

2010 Advent Offering

Welcome one another as God in Christ has welcomed you -- Romans 14

Through Nothing But Nets and now Imagine No Malaria, we welcome into our Advent life little ones who sleep in danger of malaria. Your gifts insure that mosquito nets are given to children and that public health initiatives make villages safer in Africa.

The Council of Bishops met in Panama in November, a place once malaria-ridden but now malaria-free. A canal was greatly desired as a path between the oceans, and malaria was eradicated in the process of building the canal. We focus efforts to eradicate malaria in Africa for even better reasons. We do so in faithfulness to Christ, the Great Physician and Good Shepherd.

In 2009, the Mississippi Conference led the United Methodist connection in giving through The Advance, the distinctive United Methodist channel of giving. The Mission Shares, or apportionments, of each local church establishes The Advance. Through the Advance, 100 percent of every gift goes to the ministry designated by the giver. Other charities and organizations are compelled to use some percentage of every gift for delivery of the gift to the ministry. When you give through The Advance, you maximize your gift.

Our goal is simple: every United Methodist Church in Mississippi participating in The Advance each year. Thank you for advancing hope through in 2009 and for Advent generosity to Imagine No Malaria in December.

With gratitude for your partnership in ministry,

--Bishop Hope Morgan Ward

God Is Still In Control!

Miss Lladale Carey
Web Content Producer
United Methodist Communications

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