Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Gifts of Great Gratitude

“…life with God is an exchange of gifts. The world, which is charged with the grandeur of God, is God’s benevolent gift to each of us. And we appropriately express our gratitude for all that God has given to us by giving . . . for the benefit of that very world.”
-- Rev. Dr. John H. Westerhoff
Gifts of gratitude, rather than gifts of stuff
Over ten years ago, a United Methodist couple from Eastern Washington decided to invite their family and friends into a very special gift exchange.

It turns out that a lifetime of birthdays and anniversaries had provided the couple with more than enough neckties, bathrobes, and knickknacks to last well beyond their golden years. Given the abundance of God’s blessings in their lives, the couple felt moved to invite their loved ones into a different kind of gift giving – gift giving that would help the couple to express their deep gratitude to God and their care for God’s children. Specifically, the couple decided to set up an endowment fund – through the United Methodist Foundation of the Northwest – to receive the financial gifts that others ordinarily would spend to honor their birthdays and other life celebrations. The income from this endowment would bless the children of a United Methodist mission school very dear to the couple.

In honor of this couple, gifts of $20-$200 continue to trickle in to the endowment they established. Today, this endowment holds over $20,000 and its income blesses the mission school’s children year after year. The couple takes great joy in knowing that the endowment will continue to grow and bear fruit for the children long after their lifetimes. They take joy in knowing that this fruit grows from the love and care of so many.

Would you like to invite your loved ones to join you in giving gifts of gratitude?
It’s easy to set up an endowment that will help others to express their love and care for you on those special occasions in your life. If you’d like to establish an endowment that blesses our church in your honor, please contact a member of our church’s endowment committee. If you’d like to set up an endowment that blesses our church and/or another United Methodist ministry (local, national, or global) please contact the United Methodist Foundation of the Northwest using the information below.

We thank God for the gift of your life!

--Tom Wilson, NW Ann Conf

God Is Still In Control!

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