Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Connecting from afar

I just got back from vacation – we had a great time, thanks – and while we were gone, I wondered where we would go to church. We’ve never been to Virginia Beach before and didn’t have a clue about the area. My solution: Find-A-Church. I was able to access this directory and find a quaint little church to attend this past Sunday.

But, while at church, I was presented with the dilemma about giving. Do I give my normal tithe to a church I have never been to? Do I save the tithe and give it to my regular church of worship? I prayed to God about this before the offering was taken. And God answered my prayer rather quickly! In the bulletin was an offering envelope for One Great Hour of Sharing. I put my tithe and offering into the offering envelope knowing that from afar, I was connecting with my local church as we all celebrate One Great Hour of Sharing.

That’s what I love about The United Methodist Church. We are all connected to a larger church. As individual churches, we can accomplish small tasks. But as a connected church, we can accomplish mighty tasks. I hope you had the opportunity to celebrate One Great Hour of Sharing this past week. The United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) relies on your offerings to help those who are hurting find refuge around the world.

If you didn’t have the opportunity, you can give online at any time by visiting our secure e-give site.

--Tracy Wood, Web Coordinator, United Methodist Communications

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