Thursday, March 12, 2009

Renew and Grow

Spring comes and the days are long and everything has the chance to bloom and grow again. Does springtime affect your soul? Do you allow your soul a chance to bloom and grow again? Do you let a rebirth occur? Do you let in the fresh air and the spirit of God to cleanse the cobwebs in your soul?

My prayer for today is that you’ll let springtime come into your soul and allow it to blossom and grow into what it is that God wants. That you’ll let God come and sweep out the old and allow the new to be ushered in. Allow the cleansing power of God to refresh and renew your faith and soul.

Speaking of growth, did you know that you can help grow Native American churches at any time? You can by giving to Native American Ministries Sunday at any time by visiting our secure e-give site.

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