Thursday, March 5, 2009

Living a Generous Life

As I was searching for a topic for this weeks blog entry, I stumbled upon this article for 85 Broads. I think it is very fitting and also very challenging for all of us in this economic turmoil. Remember, God has so richly blessed us and only asks a small portion of what has given to us. By making tithing and offerings a priority in our lives, God will continue to bless us with all we need.

Here is the article:

The playwright George Bernard Shaw said, "The possibilities are numerous once we decide to act and not to react".

In 2008, the world saw a lot of economic reactions. From the fall of Wall Street and the near collapse of the U.S. economy, many of us reacted by pulling our purse strings tighter and deciding to "hunker down" until the end of the recession.

As 2009 approaches, you and I have a unique opportunity to put aside reacting and put action front and center. Taking action will help the world recover and rebound. However, action without heart and connection to the greater good could get us back where we started. To guide you in taking your action in the new year, I offer you a tool that never fails: leading with generosity.

What does it mean to lead with generosity?

According to Webster's Dictionary, generosity is "the habit of giving." But as we leap into a new year filled with new possibilities, let's add to it "the habit of giving... especially when it feels terrifying!" Now is not the time to give less. Now, especially in these tough economic times, is the time to give to your fullest potential.

We cannot create the possible until we practice what feels impossible. In 2009 I urge you to take a leap like you've never taken before. What do you have to lose? Be as generous as you can in anyway that you can in every moment that presents itself. By doing so, you will develop a habit of giving that will transform the world. It will also transform you.

Being generous does not mean making a charitable gift that you cannot afford. However, being generous does mean writing any size check, even if you're worried about money.

Being generous does not mean overextending yourself to a point of fatigue and burnout. However, being generous does mean revisiting the priorities you set and ensuring that the material does not supersede the spiritual.

Being generous does not mean allowing others to take advantage of your talents and gifts. However, being generous does mean offering your talents and gifts without expectation of return.

We cannot ask of our business and political leaders that which we do not practice and model. Someone has got to illustrate what generosity and giving look like.

In 2009, have that someone be you.

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